The Adventures of Jus The Puppet

The Adventures of Jus The Puppet is a 3 part collection with a video component created by Jusso with the audio as the unlockable. After the successful drop of the Omar LyeFook Legacy Alpha, iLiveNFT wanted to test the waters on a different approach.

‘The Omar project was a complex undertaking with a lot of moving parts’ states DJ Sessions, CEO of iLiveNFT. ‘We were learning about the NFT space and the rule around it as we were developing the strategy. The platforms and technology was constantly shifting under our feet so finding that critical path to success was a challenge. Audio NFTs and the NFT space in general is still at the incubation stage so the ability to experiment and tap into our creative from an application perspective is exciting to me.’

You can view The Adventures of Jus The Puppet collection on OpenSea

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