iLive Music Launches NFT Label On Audius

Audius is an Ethereum-enabled music distribution service that takes aim at recognized startups such as SoundCloud and Spotify.

Audius is a way for new artists to build an audience, currently dominated by the genre of EDM, however this is an early adoption platform built on the block chain which ideally is the future of liquidity and ownership for creators and creative musicians. The project has described itself as picking up where SoundCloud left off, as a way for music junkies to discover unknown acts and have the thrill of knowing new acts first.

iLive Music has entered the fray, paralleling their exclusive to Bandcamp label offering to engage in the space called Audius. For independent Soul artists it’s a great space to engage and build their fan base.

Check out tracks from Jusso, Ciara Leah as well as the infamous ‘iLiveJazzBRK’

‘If we can’t go to the mountain, let the mountain come to us..’ states DJ Sessions, founder of iLive Music. ‘We have an opportunity to carve out our own space without the noise of Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud. Adopting a new platform built on future technology is always daunting, but it’s better to in front of the than caught up in it’

Check out the releases below, set yourself up a Meta Mask wallet and follow us on Audius

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