About iLiveNFT

The music industry has always shifted due to changes in technology. From Eight Tracks to MP4s and everything in between, music has always adapted and found a way to connect with people everywhere. iLIVE NFT was formed this year in direct response to this latest technological shift. By using blockchain technology to mint NFT Music / digital art collectables, a new direction was discovered.

The objective is to offer rare and valuable music art collectables. Connecting established artist relationships is our strength. We put the right people in the room together and give them the ingredients and freedom to create. We focus first on the fans, then expand the range to incorporate future fans. The rest builds itself. Using established production processes that work, we endeavour to create the best NFTs we are capable of making. Then, we attempt to beat our own “high score” with the next one.

iLIVE NFT is a division of iLIVE Radio. With 3 radio stations: one in Canada, one in the UK and one in the Caribbean. Collectively, these networks reach across the globe. Our intention is to do the same for the next generation of Music NFTs.